"My dream is not to risk"


On the Legal Entrepreneur website ENTREPRENEURSHIP.COM, the entity gathers real cases of entrepreneurs in the outsourcing sector (outsourced) who bet on legality and differentiated themselves in the market.

The campaign, made up of 4 videos, shows through the testimonies of Brazilian businessmen, the importance of building a sustainable network of suppliers and partners who work within the legal framework.

The videos cite examples of losses caused by the lack of rigor in contracting services. A contractor using illegal programs can leave the entire system exposed to theft of commercial data, embezzlement of company cash, breach of customer privacy, etc.


Francisco Camargo | President of ABES

It is essential that, in addition to governmental bodies, the private sector also works to create a healthier business environment. The use of legal software by all actors in the production chain contributes a lot to this ”, says ABES president, Francisco Camargo.

“The change in culture does not happen only with inspection and control by the State. It is necessary for the entrepreneur to be an active part of the change ”, he adds.

Thus, in addition to ensuring that your entire system works within a legal environment, it is up to the entrepreneur to also be an inducer of good practices for all business partners.


In social networks alone, the estimated audience to be reached is 10,7 million people, adding users from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and Google. In addition to raising the entrepreneur's awareness of the importance of using legalized programs, ABES intends to broaden the understanding that it is up to everyone to contribute to the creation of a sustainable network among all market players for the use of original software.


Benjamin Quadros | President of BRQ

What often happens is that the customer purchases illegal software from an informal vendor and then, up front, he acknowledges the problem. So, purchasing formal software is a good policy. It minimizes your risks as a company ”, says the president of BRQ, Benjamin Quadros, one of the entrepreneurs who participates in the campaign.

“You are either an entrepreneur who follows the rules or you are an opportunist who takes advantage of the opportunity to have a tax benefit. Having original software is a competitive advantage ”, he teaches.

The cost to companies of damage caused by pirated software is around $ 400 billion annually, according to the study on the impact of the use of illegal software worldwide ordered by the BSA from the IDC Institute. The same survey shows that the software piracy rate in Brazil is 47% of the programs installed on all computers in the country. In the world, this index is 39%.

The ABES campaign

For 60 days, the association will use social networks to reach the largest number of Brazilian entrepreneurs and software suppliers, in addition to professionals in the legal, financial and IT areas - who are important decision makers within companies.

ABES partner entities, such as FIESP, the ETCO Institute, the Competitive Brazil Movement, and Apex-Brasil will also participate in publicizing the campaign.

The first three videos of the campaign to be published on social networks tell the experiences of entrepreneurs Fábio Câmara, from F. Câmara Consultoria em TI; Benjamin Quadros, from BRQ; and Jorge Sukarie, from Brasoftware.

The fourth video will be by businessman Luis Carlos Nacif, president of Microsocity. With a strong presence in the market, the four companies are suppliers to hundreds of companies in the IT market, bringing great visibility to the discussion and deepening the debate among the most diverse players in the sector.

Companies like these can positively influence an entire production chain, helping to change culture and adopt good practices.

Source: CryptoID website) - 19/06