New CNCP members take office


From left to right: Heloisa Ribeiro, Paulo Abrão and Roberto Abdenur

The new members of the National Council for Combating Piracy and Intellectual Property Offenses (CNCP) of the Ministry of Justice took office during the first session of the CNCP in 2012, on February 7. The board is also enriched with the installation of the Collaborators Panel, which will expand the dialogue with interested sectors. ETCO remains among the board members, where it remains the manager of the Cidade Livre de Pirataria program.

In total, 27 entities are part of the National Council for Combating Piracy and Intellectual Property Offenses (CNCP), 11 of the federal government, two representatives of the Legislature, two research institutions, five civil society entities and seven members of the contributors.

Upon taking office, the chief executive of ETCO, Roberto Abdenur, recalled that when he served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2004 - the same time that the CNCP was created - the US government even threatened Brazil with sanctions due trade in pirated products. "Since then, it has been eight years of work and many advances", he commented. The CNCP's policy is the National Plan to Combat Piracy, composed of 23 projects, which involve economic, educational and repressive actions.

This year, one of the council's challenges will be to develop policies to combat piracy, aimed at major sporting events, such as the 2014 World Cup and the Olympics. To this end, the Free City of Piracy, Legal Fair and Training of Public Agents projects will continue, focusing on the World Cup host cities.

Entities such as the University of São Paulo (USP), through the Research Group on Public Policies for Access to Information, and the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, which will be responsible for the production of piracy indicators in the country, will join the council. from the research institutions, the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property, the Association of the Pharmaceutical Research Industry, the National Forum to Combat Piracy and the Brazilian Video Union were integrated into the CNCP.