The Zero Litigation program should reduce disputes between government, people and companies.

The Fiscal Litigation Reduction Program (Zero Litigation) proposes to reduce disputes between government, people and companies.
This is yet another initiative to expand the tax transaction, pointed out in a study carried out by ETCO, as one of the devices for reducing tax litigation. The solution of disputes is facilitated through reciprocal concessions between the tax authorities and the taxpayer and was regulated by Law 13.988/2020.

In the Zero Litigation program, the government waives the fine and interest, and the taxpayer pays the due taxes.
Individuals and companies will be able to join the Litigation Zero program until 19 pm on 31/03/2023, for the renegotiation of debts at the Federal Revenue Judgment Office (DRJ) or at the CARF (Administrative Council of Tax Appeals).
The program offers a discount on interest and cancellation of fines for those who join the program and make payments on time (payments are made in up to 12 months). The renegotiation of taxes such as Income Tax, CSLL, PIS, COFINS and IPI will be allowed.
The rules are different for individuals, small and large companies.
In the case of large companies, only debts greater than 60 minimum wages can be renegotiated; discounts of up to 100% on the amount of interest and fines (unrecoverable and difficult-to-recover credits); ´tax losses and negative calculation base can be used to settle between 52 and 70% of the debt.

More details at Zero Litigation Program

Andrea Lopes, Executive Manager, ETCO