For nine out of ten Brazilians, tax increases encourage smuggling


Survey shows that the majority of the population blames the government for the increase in Paraguayan products


Federal Revenue destroys 3.200 tons of products smuggled across the country, as part of the 14th National Mutirão of Destruction, to mark the National Day to Combat Piracy (IRS Disclosure)
Photo disclosure: IRS


Most Brazilians (87%) agree that "the increase in taxes in Brazil encourages people to bring smuggled products from Paraguay". The data were released on Thursday (3) and are from a survey by the Datafolha institute, commissioned by the Movement in Defense of the Brazilian Legal Market.

The survey shows that 80% of respondents say that the Brazilian government has responsibility for increasing the smuggling of Paraguayan products. Of this total, more than half (55%) affirm that the public power has “a lot of responsibility”.

Source: (3/03/16)

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