Underground economy is featured in the media


With one of the most important coverage made by the press, this edition of the Underground Economy Index was highlighted by the consistent analysis made by journalist Miriam Leitão in her column in the newspaper O Globo.

Under the title “The Size of the Shadow”, the text addressed all the relevant points of the Index and also opened space for actions developed or supported by ETCO, such as the Electronic Invoice BI and the fight against illegal trade.

It is also worth mentioning the two reports published on Globo News - Jornal Conta Corrente (photo) and Jornal das Dez - and, finally, the important editorial “Informality is still very large” published by O Globo, on Sunday, 04/07, a noble space occupied to discuss the ETCO Index results and opinions.

In numbers, there were 170 insertions in print, online and electronic media in more than 20 states in the country.