What tax reform does Brazil need?

This is the main subject of the ETCO Magazine of October 2019, which brings coverage of two seminars on the theme promoted by the Institute


The October 2019 edition of the ETCO Magazine covers two seminars on taxation conducted by the Institute. The Taxation and Legal Security seminar, held in June, brought together great jurists to discuss solutions to the problems of the Brazilian tax system and was coordinated by the president of the ETCO Advisory Council, Everardo Maciel. It featured presentations by tax attorneys Heleno Torres, Roberto Quiroga, Humberto Ávila, Hamilton Dias de Souza and Gustavo Brigagão.

The Seminar on Taxation in Brazil, held in July, in partnership with the newspaper Valor Econômico, had lectures by ETCO's executive president, Edson Vismona, Everardo Maciel, Roberto Quiroga, economist Marcos Lisboa of federal deputy Efraim Filho, and Phelippe Toledo Pires de Oliveira, Deputy Attorney General of the National Treasury.

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