Recife signs adherence to the Legality Movement during the 72nd general meeting of the National Mayors Front


From 27 to 29 November, mayors and managers from all over the country will meet in Recife / PE to work on common themes of the municipalities. The agenda is the 72nd General Meeting of the National Front of Mayors (FNP), whose program was developed to deal with tax reform and subsidize the construction of an initial document, which will be improved and delivered in 2018 to candidates for the presidency of the Republic and Congress National.

During the meeting, the president of FNCP and ETCO, coordinating the Legality Movement, signed with the Mayor of Recife, Geraldo Julio, the term of commitment to encourage the defense of the legal market, to combat smuggling, counterfeiting and piracy in the city. Recife is the second capital to sign this commitment, after São Paulo.FNP REEF 2