Taxation Seminar in Brazil

Access here the full coverage of the event that ETCO held in partnership with the newspaper Valor Econômico


ETCO, in partnership with the newspaper Valor Econômico, held on Tuesday (July 23), in São Paulo, the Taxation in Brazil seminar.

The event brought together renowned experts to discuss how tax reform can contribute to Brazil's growth. Access here the exclusive articles covering the event, published on July 30, in a special section of the Valor Econômico newspaper:

Illegality advances and funds violence

In an interview, Edson Luiz Vismona, chief executive of ETCO, tells how smugglers and heavy debtors benefit from the tax system.

Tax review is crucial to the country

Brazilian system is put in check by experts during Taxation seminar in Brazil

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"We don't need to unify taxes"

Roberto Mosquera defends minor changes with more significant economic results

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Smuggling is an evil to be fought

Tax review should prioritize productive sector and focus on weakening the illegal market

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"History in Brazil is a big mistake"

Belief that foreign models can be reproduced here is a mistake, says tax expert

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Fiscal balance challenges lawmakers

Sustainable and harmonious taxes will favor more advantageous negotiations

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