“A missile at the heart of citizenship”

Photo: Letícia Moreira
From left to right: Roberto Teixeira, Evandro Guimarães, Ives Gandra Martins (Photo: Letícia Moreira)

Folha de S.Paulo promoted on the 18th and 19th of March the seminar “Forum o Contrabando no País”. The event brought together experts from different sectors, outlining the impact of smuggling on the Brazilian economy.

ETCO's Executive President, Evandro Guimarães, participated in one of the panel discussions, alongside jurist Ives Gandra Martins and former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) Roberto Teixeira da Costa. For the President of the Institute, it is necessary to move from speech to action. “ETCO is uncomfortable with this paralysis and with the mechanisms that internalize products without following the proper regulatory paths. Smuggling diverts resources that could be used in health and education and discourages entrepreneurship. It is a missile at the heart of citizenship ”, says Guimarães.

The opinion was reinforced by Martins, who established a link between the illegal practice and the high tax burden in the country. "The higher the taxes, the more smuggling and embezzlement are encouraged." For him, the solution involves inspection at points of sale. “The extension of our borders makes stricter control impossible. The most feasible thing is to control the consumption tip. ”

The ex-president of the CVM pointed out that the Brazilian, for cultural reasons, is lenient with the illegal trade, and that it is also necessary to invest in educational campaigns. "We need to show in a clear way what the losses caused by smuggling are," he concluded.

For the executive president of the National Forum to Combat Piracy, Edson Vismona, the Brazilian legal market needs to be defended. He is in favor of a stricter inspection policy in order to inhibit the marketing of counterfeit and smuggled products.

The seminar also included the participation of representatives of the Executive and Legislative branches, such as the Minister of Justice, José Eduardo Cardoso, Senator José Serra and Federal Deputy Efraim de Araújo Morais Filho.

Folha de S.Paulo published a special notebook on the subject on March 12 (http://arte.folha.uol.com.br/mercado/2015/03/12/crime-sem-castigo/) and another on the seminar, published on 23/03.