Opening Edson Vismona and Everardo Maciel

Executive Chairman and Chairman of the ETCO Advisory Board spoke about the importance of the topic



The executive president, Edson Vismona, and the chairman of the ETCO Advisory Council, Everardo Maciel, opened the seminar on Taxation and Legal Security.
Vismona highlighted the importance of the topic and of the jurists who agreed to debate it at the invitation of the Institute and pointed out the two extremes of the legal uncertainty in force in Brazil: on the one hand, the excess of requirements that hinder the lives of good taxpayers; and, on the other hand, unfair competition from incumbent tax debtors.
Everardo Maciel, coordinator of the Seminar, recalled the fundamental role that legal security plays in the willingness of investors to invest their resources in business in Brazil.

Following is the transcript of the opening speeches: