ETCO launches book on tax legal security

Publication brings contributions from major tax experts who participated in a seminar held by the Institute


What is the origin of the concept of legal certainty? What is its importance for the development of a country? How does the legal norm affect Brazil today? What is the best tax reform? How do new technologies transform taxation?

These are some of the questions answered in this book, which was based on an ETCO seminar, coordinated by tax attorney Everardo Maciel. in June 2019.

The chapters are anchored in the lectures of five renowned names in tax law: Heleno Torres, professor at the Department of Economic, Financial and Tax Law at USP; Roberto Quiroga, professor of tax law at USP and FGV-SP; Humberto Ávila, professor of Tax Law at USP; Hamilton Dias de Souza, a specialist in tax law and a master in economic and financial law from the Law Faculty of USP; and Gustavo Brigagão, president of the Brazilian Association of Financial Law (ABDF).

This is the sixth book that Oscar Pilagallo writes for ETCO, this time, in partnership with journalist Fernando Figueira de Mello. The others were The siege of corruptors; Competition Ethics - Reflection, Analysis and PerspectivesCorruption - Barriers to Development in BrazilLaw and Economics; is Market Tax.

The ebook can be downloaded for free here.

The printed copy - of restricted circulation - can be requested by e-mail and the shipment will be subject to stock availability.