New website with 51% higher audience


In March 2020, ETCO debuted a new version of its website. The redesign, which began at the end of 2019, simplified navigation, modernized the look and made the site responsive, the name given to the set of features that automatically change the design of the pages according to the screen format, whether on mobile devices or on desktop computers.

After the move, the audience took off. In the annual consolidated, the site received 316.799 visits (51% increase compared to 2019) and had 1.393.433 pages accessed (increase of 32%) in 2020. On average, each Internet user who visited the site accessed 4,4 pages of content, dedicating 2m54s to navigation.

The most accessed content, for the second year in a row, was a page dedicated to the Ethics for Young People project, which aims to promote debate on the importance of ethics in schools. The initiative was based on a survey that ETCO commissioned Datafolha on the perception of youth regarding the value of ethics in their daily lives. And it included the creation of lesson plans on the subject aimed at high school teachers and students. The page had 56.434 hits in the year.
The second page with more visits (54.065) had ETCO's position on ethics as a tool to fight Covid-19. Several pages about the Institute's project aimed at researching the causes and presenting solutions to the tax litigation problem were also among the most read of the year.