Participation in the Ministry of Infrastructure's anti-corruption project management committee

Meeting that marked the launch of the program aimed at companies with works above R$ 82,5 million


ETCO, which was already part of the management committee of Pró-Ética, a project that rewards good programs for preventing corruption in companies coordinated by the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU), joined another initiative in the same direction in 2020. of the Infra + Integrity Seal project, headed by the Ministry of Infrastructure (MInfra).

The program is aimed at companies in the transport infrastructure segment that carry out public works with an estimated cost of over R$ 82,5 million. To participate, the company cannot be involved in investigations into misconduct and must submit documents detailing its initiatives to promote ethics, integrity, transparency, compliance, social responsibility, sustainability and prevention of fraud and corruption.

Applications can be made every year, and projects will be evaluated by a Technical Integrity Committee of the Ministry of Infrastructure, under the supervision of a Management Committee composed of government and civil society entities. ETCO is part of this group. Approved companies will receive the Infra + Integrity Seal, which does not provide advantages in negotiations with the government, but recognizes the work in favor of integrity and may be displayed by the company in communication and marketing instruments for one year.