Advances in competitive ethics that we help to build


Since 2003, when it was founded, ETCO has participated in several projects that have contributed to improving the business environment in the country. See some of the main ones.

  • ELECTRONIC INVOICE: We contributed to the design, implementation and improvement of the Electronic Invoice project, which began to take effect in 2006. The system improved inspection, reduced tax evasion and reduced costs for tax authorities and companies.
  • SURVEILLANCE SUPPORT SYSTEMS: We help develop mechanisms to control the manufacture of products with high potential for tax evasion, such as the Cigarette Production Control and Tracking System (Scorpios) and the Beverage Production Control System (Sicobe).
  • UNDERGROUND ECONOMY INDEX: We created, in partnership with the Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (IBRE-FGV), the Underground Economy Index, which measures the size of the Brazilian informal economy since 2003.
  • SPECIAL TAX SYSTEMS: We support the presentation and approval, through Constitutional Amendment, of Article 146-A of the Federal Constitution, which authorizes the creation of different tax collection systems for taxpayers that adopt tax practices unfair to competition.
  • UNION OF FORCES FOR THE LEGAL MARKET: We created, in partnership with the National Forum to Combat Piracy and Illegality (FNCP), the Movement in Defense of the Brazilian Legal Market, which joins forces to act in a coordinated manner in the fight against smuggling, piracy , fraud and counterfeiting of products and defends border control actions. The Movement has the support of seventy entities. Within the scope of cities, also in partnership with the FNCP, we created the Legality Movement, which unites forces from civil society, city halls, the Federal Revenue Service, the Federal Police, Parliament, state bodies and the National Front of Mayors, to fight, effectively and blunt, the illegal market in Brazilian cities.
  • STUDIES, SEMINARS AND PUBLICATIONS: We sponsor dozens of research, events and books on topics related to ethics, including the Culture of Transgressions in Brazil series, which brings together contributions from great Brazilian thinkers, including the sociologist and former President of the Republic Fernando Henrique Cardoso .
  • INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE: We are members of committees that fight transnational illegal practices that cause unfair competition. In 2016, we joined the Latin American Anti-Smuggling Alliance (ALAC), which brings together civil society entities and government agencies from fifteen Latin American nations in the search for joint actions to stop smuggling in the region; in 2017, we started to act in this direction also with the World Trade Organization (WTO).
  • COMBATING PIRACY AND CRIME AGAINST INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: We participate in the National Council for Combating Piracy and Offenses against Intellectual Property (CNCP), an intelligence body of the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Government, composed of representatives of public power and society civilian and dedicated to combating these crimes.
  • RECOGNITION TO ETHICAL COMPANIES: We are part of the management committee of Pró-Ética, a recognition program for companies committed to ethics in their relations with the public sector. Pró-Ética was created in 2010 by the Ministry of Transparency, Inspection and Controllership-General of the Union (CGU), in partnership with the Ethos Institute.