Past, present and future

By Edson Vismona

This issue of the magazine features a special section celebrating 18 years of ETCO, which I have the honor of chairing since 2016. In it, we make a timeline of the main projects and achievements we have achieved during this period and present the perspective of the president, dr . Everardo Maciel, and members of our Advisory Board on the importance of competition ethics, the Institute's activities and the future of the country.

We also published a special report in honor of the Council's previous president, former Finance Minister Marcílio Marques Moreira, who turned 90 years old on November 25th. This council had the privilege of recently, at one of our periodic meetings, with the presence of former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who shared with us his vision of the direction of the country and was honored by ETCO also on the occasion of its 90 years deity. We are delighted to be able to rely on the wisdom and experience of public figures at this level to light our way.

The magazine's other articles deal with our actions and the status of our projects in defense of competition ethics and the strengthening of the business environment. Those who follow ETCO's work are aware of our struggle in support of the Complementary Law Project 284/17, which combats the constant debtor of taxes, presented to the Senate four years ago by the then Senator Ana Amélia Lemos.

The proposal, which had not been going on since 2019, was finally processed again, having been approved by the Commission for Transparency, Governance, Inspection and Control and Consumer Protection, under the report of the competent and combative senator Fabiano Contarato (Rede-ES). It was an important step forward, but the battle will only be won when the Senate definitively approves the missing law to face those who make non-payment of taxes the reason for their business.

On another front, we are supporting the Smuggling Steals the Future from Brazilians campaign, led by the National Forum against Piracy and Illegality (FNCP), which is investing in communication to sensitize 70 million people about the damage caused by the illegal market.

Brazil can no longer tolerate criminal practices such as smuggling, piracy and counterfeiting of products that cause annual losses of nearly R$ 300 billion to the productive sector and to the collection of taxes, making the country's growth and State investments unfeasible. To get an idea, just in the tobacco sector, the illegal product caused tax evasion of R$ 10,4 billion last year, enough to implement 18 thousand Basic Health Units.

And the edition also brings the announcement of a new project that we are starting at ETCO, which aims to enhance the rights of taxpayers, contributing to a balanced posture in the tax authorities' relations with taxpayers.
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