JUNE, 2018


  • MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN: Change and continuity
  • TAXATION: Everardo Maciel talks about the risks of radical tax reform and points out the changes he considers essential to improve the business environment
  • ALAC: The debates and resolutions of the first meeting of the Latin American Anti-Smuggling Alliance in Brazil
  • CAPA: Research and debate on the 10 most important measures to combat the illegal market
  • CONTRABANDO: New Ibope survey shows the progress of cigarette smuggling, which already accounts for more than half of consumption in the country
  • MARKET: ETCO and Plural warn of the risk of changes that could bring instability and increase illegality in the fuel sector
  • ECONOMY: The result of the newest survey of the Underground Economy Index
  • ELECTION: ETCO's participation in the presidential campaign
  • CAMPAIGN: ETCO invites retail establishments to join anti-corruption campaign
  • MANIFESTO ETCO / FNCP: Security and Development
  • ETCO MANIFEST: Taxation and Development
  • COMPLIANCE: The changes in Pró-Ética, which became biannual and have registrations open until January
  • FUTURE: Victório De Marchi talks about defending business ethics and the future of Brazil