'My dream, I don't risk' campaign guides young entrepreneurs

In early June, ABES (Brazilian Association of Software Companies) launched the campaign “O MY DREAM, I DON'T RISK”, which is part of the Legal Entrepreneur initiative, created by the entity's Intellectual Property Defense committee. The new campaign aims to guide young Brazilian entrepreneurs on the dimension of the risks they can take when using illegal software in their companies.
Created by the agency Righetti, the advertising campaign will feature two motivating videos of 30 seconds with testimonials from successful entrepreneurial characters, who will tell stories of overcoming without risking their business, pointing as an example of attitudes that encourage efficient management: the issuance of invoices , employee registration and the adoption of legal software. With a multiplatform action, the campaign will run on digital elevator panels, radio, web, newspapers and magazines.
According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) survey, three out of ten Brazilian adults between 18 and 64 years old own a company or are involved in creating their own business. According to the survey, having a business of its own is the third biggest dream of Brazilians. The first is to have a home of your own and the second is to travel. The survey also placed Brazil at the top of the world ranking of entrepreneurship ahead of nations like China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and France. “Our goal is to guide those who have their own business on issues that may cause doubts in software licensing , such as current legislation and the management of these assets within a company. As part of the campaign, we also redesigned the Empreendedor Legal portal www.empreendedorlegal.org.br, which will be a channel where entrepreneurs can find clarifications and support for their business ”, says Jorge Sukarie, president of ABES.Recently, the entity also launched an interactive manual for managing software assets that can be downloaded from the entity's website:www.abessoftware.com.br/manual.

The new Entrepreneur Legal portal will be a space for businessmen with articles about frequently asked questions among people who start their own business. The Legal Entrepreneur is part of an initiative launched in April 2013, with the aim of alerting companies to the risks of using illegal software and raising awareness of problems such as unfair competition involving any type of illegal advantage used to reduce costs operational or increase margins.

For Jorge Sukarie of ABES, the entity seeks to strengthen the market and encourage new companies to develop in an environment of fair competition in the country. “Our initiative aims to enlighten businessmen and alert them to the dangers to which their companies may be exposed. In addition, we encourage mutual respect between industries by building a market based on healthy competition. In this way, we can bring a positive and sustainable impact to the economy of the entire country ”, comments Sukarie.

The campaign is promoted by ABES, in partnership with Apex-Brasil, ABPI, BSA, CNC, CNCP, ETCO, MBC and Sebrae.