Fiesp to launch in August a yearbook on the illicit market of nine sectors

At a 'State' event, the vice-president of the federation, Ricardo Lerner, stated that the illicit market grows at an annual rate of 18% and moves R $ 13,26 billion

Vice President of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo Fiesp and Head of the Security Department, Ricardo
Lerner, informed that the entity is making a yearbook on illicit markets in nine sectors of the Brazilian economy (food,
automotive, toys, electronics, hygiene and perfumery, medicines, chemicals, tobacco and clothing). The material will be released in
August, after the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
According to him, the illicit market in these nine sectors generates R $ 13,26 billion. In 2010, to have an idea of ​​the growth of this activity, the figure was R $ 6,7 billion. "The illicit market grows at an annual rate of 18%, while legal economic activity is in retraction," he said.

Source: Jornal o Estado de São Paulo (01/07)

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