ETCO supports project that promises to bring transparency and simplification to São Paulo's tax processes

SEFAZ / SP will hold a public hearing next week to collect subsidies and suggestions from the accounting category and other contributors to the bill that promises to revolutionize the relationship between society and the state administration, by bringing transparency, simplification of tax processes and legal certainty for entrepreneurs.



The event aims to collect suggestions for inclusion in the Transparency Bill on the Tax Compliance Criteria of the State Finance Department of the State of São Paulo, which intends to implement different treatment for good paying contributors, complying with tax obligations and legislation.

The government's intention is to classify taxpayers and grant benefits to those who point out a lower risk of tax liabilities, offering simplified procedures for using some services or even making the tax procedures of São Paulo tax authorities more flexible.

The proposal is to employ inspection resources, according to the risk rate attributed to the taxpayer, based on three simple and objective criteria: default or default with the São Paulo tax authorities; inconsistencies between the issuance of invoices and the declarations provided and tax regularity of its suppliers.

“This initiative by the São Paulo State Finance Department is innovative. We need to value the taxpayer who complies with his obligations and close the siege against the persistent tax evaders who cause enormous damage to the tax authorities and fair competition. The state must modernize and contribute to the best business environment ”, says ETCO's executive president, Edson Vismona.

The meeting, which will include a presentation by the deputy secretary of Sefaz / SP, Rogério Ceron, will be held next Thursday, 10th, at Avenida Tiradentes, 998, Luz, from 9 am to 12:30 pm. Registrations must be made through the website

In addition to ETCO, the project and its guidelines support SESCON-SP, AESCON-SP, Ccif (Centro de Cidadanis Fiscal), The Commercial Association of São Paulo, the IDB-Inter-American Development Bank, among others.