House approves final text of bill that alters ISS taxation

In the list of services that will be taxed, there is the availability of an application on an electronic page, such as Netflix

The Chamber of Deputies concluded last Wednesday (September 16) the vote on the bill that, to avoid the so-called "fiscal war", prohibits municipalities from granting tax exemption on any kind of service (ISS). The minimum rate is fixed at 9% and the maximum rate is set at 2%.

The text also changes the list of items taxed by the Service Tax (ISS), which generated friction with state governments. States argued that some items should be taxed by the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS), and not by the ISS. The clash between the federal entities took place mainly in new internet and communications services. The last list of taxable items, approved in 2003, does not include internet services. According to the report's rapporteur, Deputy Walter Ihoshi (PSD-SP), this debate was pacified.


Source: Correio Braziliense website

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