Special Commission analyzes opinion on leniency agreement today

After reading the opinion, the commission will hold a public hearing on the proposal

The special commission that analyzes the bill (PL 3636/15) on leniency agreement today (9), at 12 noon, marked the reading of the opinion of the rapporteur, deputy Andre Moura (PSC-SE).

The leniency agreement is similar to the awarded plea, except that it is entered into by companies with the objective of guaranteeing exemption or mitigation of the respective sanctions, provided that they effectively collaborate with the investigations and the administrative process.

The project allows the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Public Attorney's Office to sign a leniency agreement, either alone or together. The text also provides for the participation of the Public Ministry, from the beginning, in leniency agreements signed by public bodies with companies responsible for acts of corruption.

The rapporteur André Moura is in favor of the leniency agreement for companies. He points out that companies are under the obligation to comply with penalties, but the agreement allows them to continue operating in the market, without jeopardizing the employment of workers.

“Today, in Brazil, there are more than 3 thousand unemployed people, on average, per day. The leniency agreement exactly allows these companies not to suffer the sanctions and penalties prescribed by law, including Law 8.666, of the Bidding, which prevents them from agreeing, contracting with the government, whether municipal, state or federal, and make these companies have to fire and go through greater difficulties ”.

Public Hearing
After analyzing the opinion, the commission will hold a public hearing on the proposal with Fernando Luiz Albuquerque Farias, Attorney General of the Substitute Union (representing Minister Luís Inácio Adams); with the Public Prosecutor Roberto Livianu; the Minister of the Federal Court of Auditors Benjamin Zymler; and the former Minister of the Superior Court of Justice, Gilson Dipp.

The debate was suggested by deputies Raul Jungmann (PPS-PE) and Roberto Freire (PPS-SP).

Full Proposal

Source: Agência Câmara de Notícias (9/12)