Campinas receives Compliance Day

Event that brings knowledge about the Anti-Corruption Law to the interior of the country was supported by ETCO

The city of Campinas, the second largest in São Paulo, received the Compliance Day on August 26th. The event, which takes lectures on the topic for cities outside the Rio-São Paulo axis, was held by Legal Ethics Compliance (LEC) and it was supported by ETCO-Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics.

The lectures addressed topics such as the need to adapt compliance programs to Law 12.846 / 2013, known as the Anti-Corruption Law, the role of information security and the criminal risks involved in corrupt practices. “Many companies think that, because they do not have a direct commercial relationship with the government, they are free from risk,” says Alessandra Gonsales, a partner at the law firm WFaria and LEC. "This is a mistake, as every business has some kind of relationship with the public authorities."

Among the speakers at the Compliance Day in Campinas were representatives of companies, such as Harold Artur Bouillon, director of compliance at Bosch, and lawyers specialized in the subject, such as Emerson Siécola de Mello and Carlo Huberth Luchione. The public was composed of 30 people, mostly executives from the legal and compliance areas of companies in the region.

The next Compliance Day will be in Belo Horizonte (MG), on October 8th. Information and registration this site.

Event discloses compliance outside the Rio-São Paulo axis

Since the approval of Law 12.846 / 2013, known as the Anti-Corruption Law, interest in integrity programs, or compliance, has grown a lot. The problem is that most of the courses and seminars on the subject take place on the Rio-São Paulo axis, where most of the companies with an interest in the topic are concentrated. “As a result, other regions end up being very lacking in information”, says Alessandra Gonsales, a partner at the law firm WFaria and Legal Ethics Compliance (LEC), a company that conducts courses and workshops on the subject.

To spread compliance in other cities in the country, LEC is taking one of its main events on the subject, Compliance Day, to other regions. The initiative has the support of the ETCO-Brazilian Institute for Competition Ethics. Previous editions took place in cities like Brasília, Porto Alegre and Curitiba. Now, there are events scheduled for Campinas, at the end of August, and Belo Horizonte, in October. “Outside the big centers, companies interested in implementing an integrity program end up making mistakes due to lack of knowledge”, says Alessandra.

Themes and audience

Compliance Day editions consist of a series of speeches by experts and last for one day. Among the themes of the presentations, there are some of the points that generate more doubts or concerns on the part of companies, such as the criminal compliance, or managers' criminal liability, and financial compliance, which deals with aspects of money laundering. There is also much discussion about the changes brought about by the Anticorruption Law, with a comparison of the text implemented in Brazil and the legislation of other countries.

The audience is varied. "The demand comes from the most diverse types of companies and executive profiles," says Alessandra. Among the participants, there are professionals from small, medium and large companies, responsible for both the compliance area and related sectors, such as the legal department, in the case of companies that have not yet implemented specific departments to address this issue.

More information about the schedule and registrations for Compliance Day can be obtained on the LEC website (

Compliance Day arrives in Campinas

On August 26, Legal Ethics Compliance (LEC) held the Compliance Day in Campinas. The event aims to disseminate information about the changes brought about by the new anti-corruption law and the importance of maintaining a good compliance program within companies. ETCO is one of the supporters of the event.

Date: 26 / 08

Time: from 9h to 18h

Location: Campinas, SP

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