Cade and Cedes sign agreement for Competition Law initiatives

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) and the Center for the Study of Economic and Social Law (Cedes) signed a cooperation agreement with the objective of implementing joint actions for the organization of studies, seminars, courses, lectures and publications related to the Law of Competition.

The cooperation aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and perspectives on competition issues and the application of Brazilian competition law, Law No. 12.529, which will complete one year in May. The agreement will make it possible, in the first semester of 2013, to hold the seminar “Competition Law and the Judiciary”. The event will count with the participation of speakers from academic circles and from the public and private sectors.

Cade's president, Vinícius Marques de Carvalho, highlighted that the partnership with Cedes contributes to the creation of spaces for reflection and high-level studies, with the participation of technicians from the Brazilian competition defense system and law researchers economic and social. "The broad and democratic debate on competitive issues allows us to further expand the effectiveness of the antitrust law."

The president of Cedes, professor João Grandino Rodas, said that the agreement represents “an important step for the joint development of activities that will provide reflections on competition law in contemporary times”.

Cedes is an institution created by a group of scholars who, since 2004, set out to discuss and debate issues related to the economic, social and legal development of Brazil. The center aims to promote studies and research related to major issues that affect Brazilian society. (with information from Cade's Communication Department)