Tax Education and Citizenship

Nobody likes to pay taxes. This is a maximum of ten out of ten citizens. The allegations of corruption that consume the pages of newspapers make the issue difficult, since there is no clarity about what is done with public money. The tax contribution, however, is a necessity in a democratic society. For the taxes paid by taxpayers, the government channels resources for the common good: it finances infrastructure works (paving roads and streets, treating the sewage network, expanding and maintaining public lighting, garbage collection; investment in public security, construction and administration of hospitals and public schools, etc.).

Tax evasion is also a form of corruption, as it reduces resources that will generate benefits for the population. In order to create more aware citizens, who can critically evaluate the actions of the state and suggest new strategies, it is that CIEE in partnership with the Federal Revenue, launched this month the distance education (EaD) Fiscal Education course. The idea is to disseminate the importance of concepts through play, meeting a demand among young people. When the student reflects on tax issues, he will be expanding concepts of citizenship and ethics, so important for personal and professional training.

The course is planned for four modules and uses resources to facilitate autonomous learning of what, for many, is an arduous subject, but fundamental for the current days. Follow-up of tutors, activities that simulate everyday life, doubts by e-mails and chats, in addition to the digital handout are some of the teaching resources available. Students also receive a digital certificate at the end of the course.

In addition to tax education, CIEE offers more than 40 free courses for young people who want to improve with a view to placing them in the labor market. Just be registered on the CIEE portal ( and take advantage of the vacation period to recycle.

Luiz Gonzaga Bertelli is chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center for Company-School Integration (CIEE), of the Paulista History Academy (APH) and director of Fiesp.


Source: Site Gestão e RH (17/07).