Experts demand more inspection and praise the arrest of powerful

By Alexandre de Paula (Correio Braziliense)

The large number of scandals, accusations and arrests involving names of the Federal District leads to questions about the quality of regional policy
Forfeited senators, resignations and the recent arrests of two former governors and a former vice governor of the DF put the capital in the spotlight when it comes to the quality of politicians. What led Brasilia to be involved in so many scandals and denunciations is the question that always remains.

For the president of Etco (Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics), Edson Vismona, the issue is also reflected in the population. “There is mutual contamination. Many of these politicians were elected after scandals were found. Society needs to be more aware of these values, it cannot accept that these people return. ”
Vismona believes that the ethical issue is at the heart of most of the problems that plague Brazilian politics. “We have to choose people who are in tune with ethical values. Without that, we will not have a developed society. It is unacceptable to have leaders, unfortunately at all levels, believing that ethics are relative and that one can override these values ​​”, he argues.
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