Correio Braziliense holds an event that will debate the “Brazil cost”. sign up

DISCLOSURE SITEThe event Correio Debate: Tax burden in Brazil it will bring together experts and authorities in a dialogue on possible obstacles that hinder the country's development and the paths for the resumption of economic growth. One of the points of the discussion is the so-called “Custo Brasil”, the Brazilian tax system. How much do legally established companies in the country spend (in time and money) to satisfactorily fulfill the obligations imposed by current laws? The structure of the tax system, taxes and their readjustments and the advancement of the illegal market will also be discussed in this round table, among other topics. The event is a realization of Correio Braziliense together with the Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics (ETCO) and the National Forum against Piracy and Illegality (FNCP). Join this debate by signing up for free here. Vacancies are limited.

When: 20/09/2016

Time: 8h30

Location: Auditorium of the headquarters of BRAZILIAN MAIL in DF


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