Infographic shows the key points of an integrity program

ETCO - Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics prepared an infographic to support companies interested in developing integrity programs. The objective is mainly to help small and medium-sized companies, which tend to have less access to information on the topic.

In light and accessible language, the material provides guidance on aspects such as the identification of risks and the development of controls and standards of conduct. The material was carried out with technical consultancy from Machado Meyer Sendacz Opice Advogados.

The creation of integrity programs gained even more importance after the approval of Law 12.846, known as the Anti-Corruption Law, which establishes legal, administrative and civil responsibilities in cases of corruption practiced by private companies.

The subject has been a topic of interest to ETCO since before the law was passed two years ago. In 2012, for example, the institute organized its first seminar to discuss corporate corruption. Now, with legislation on the subject, ETCO fulfills its role of helping entrepreneurs and executives to implement good practices in their companies to guarantee business integrity.

The infographic is also available in PDF format.🇧🇷 See below for the electronic version of the material.