My story with ETCO

Since May, the ETCO newsletter has testimonials from people connected to the Institute's history, which are fundamental for the consolidation of these 10 years of activities.

In this edition, we received the testimony of Leonardo Gadotti Filho, member of the ETCO Advisory Board and one of the founders of the Institute.

The creation of ETCO was an extremely rewarding experience. When we started to discuss the formation of the institute in 2002, everyone had one thing in common, everyone suffered from the same evil: tax evasion. This is what united us.

We were able to easily align ideas and objectives, taking off individual interests and observing the general and country aspects. We knew that our project would not only favor the group. We seek structural reforms that would benefit the entire market. It is important to say that, from the beginning, all of our initiatives have been very well received by the government.

In our first years of life, we had a sensational receptivity. And we still have it. The causes advocated by ETCO - identifying mechanisms for fairer competition - have opened many doors for us. With the good initial results, we were able to structure ourselves and bring more sectors of the economy into the Institute.

ETCO achieved its goal in its first 10 years of life. The issue of electronic invoices, for example, is being very important for Brazil, and represents a great work of associates with the government.

ETCO's work is long-term. Creating an environment free from evasion and piracy, where it is possible to have a satisfactory level of competition, is a permanent challenge, especially in a country like Brazil. We still have a lot of work to do. ”