ETCO discusses transparency and ethics at Live Marketing congress

For Roberto Abdenur, ethics must be included as a central value in companies' businesses

In order to expand the spaces for the discussion on the defense of competitive ethics, the Executive President of ETCO, Roberto Abdenur, accepted an invitation to be one of the speakers at the 1st Brazilian Congress of Live Marketing, promoted by the Promotional Marketing Association (Ampro) on July 29 and 30, in São Paulo.

The event aimed to promote the debate on relevant topics involving agencies, customers, suppliers and the entire production chain of Live Marketing, a concept that values ​​the live experience of a brand.

In his presentation, Abdenur stressed that ethics must be a central value in companies' businesses, both vis-à-vis the internal public, as well as customers and suppliers. “Including ethics as a company value, however, does not authorize it to use it only as a marketing tool. Ethics must be a real commitment of the company. ”

He recalled that the process of building a company's reputation is a long one and that includes ethical behavior, social responsibility and environmental sensitivity.

The ETCO Executive President presented research that shows the complexity of the tax system, impunity and corruption as the main obstacles to be overcome for the establishment of greater ethics in the business environment. Abdenur recalled that, in the Federal Senate, more than 20 senators have lawsuits, while in the Chamber of Deputies the number goes from 100. “The growing indignation about corruption occurs at a stage characterized by important advances in laws and institutions aimed at fighting it, ”said Abdenur, citing, among other measures, the approval of the Anti-Corruption Law.

Live Marketing representatives who participated in the panel following Abdenur's presentation agreed that it is impossible to make this market solid and reliable if companies do not act ethically with customers and suppliers, and also with each other.

“The new element (in business) is transparency. Some companies still practice the idea that in business one always wins and the other loses. But everyone can win, "said the editor-in-chief of the Meio & Mensagem newspaper, Regina Augusto, who concluded by saying that" a sustainable relationship between client and company is possible. "

Itaú's Marketing Director, Fernando Chacon, pointed out that transparency is no longer important only to the public. "We also want a transparent relationship with suppliers," he explained.

Johnson & Johnson's Marketing Director, Andréia Bó, stated that the company has a sustainability relationship with the agencies, that is, its suppliers. "For us, transparency is what governs the process of choosing a partner."

For Marcelo Heidrich, from Ponto de Criação agency, it is necessary to work with transparency and credibility. "This is the time to discuss new relationships, we cannot be wrong with each other because we are doing very well," he said, referring to the need for unity between the agencies in the search for a common goal: ethical business, where everyone is a winner .