Article: “The disguise of default in organized crime”

In this article produced for Sindicom's 2013 Yearbook of Fuels, Lubricants and Convenience Stores, Luiz Alberto Segalla Bevilacqua, Public Prosecutor of the Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo, talks about the concern with the growth of crimes related to the fuel trade in the Brazil.

The crimes related to the formulation, distribution and commercialization of fuels in Brazilian territory have been growing in a dizzying and very worrying way, giving astronomical profits to criminal organizations that work in this field, fomenting the proliferation of real “mafioso” who disguise themselves as “businessmen”, but that, in fact, they integrate exquisite gangs, whose members often get away with penal consequences, causing irreparable damage to Brazilian society, the economy and the very image of Brazil before the international economic order.

We may not be able to identify all the causes of the growth of crime in the fuel industry in the national territory, as well as the current inefficiency of the State in combating the ill-fated practice of crimes involving that niche, such as adulteration, tax evasion, money laundering, but it is certain that the impunity and the poor legal consequences suffered by the offenders constitute the greatest incentive to increase the list of “false entrepreneurs” who, after stabbing the market, the consumer and the tax authorities, thus acting in a premeditated way, try to pass themselves off by mere debtors of the treasury, struck by bad luck and tax burden.

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