Legality Movement arrives in Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre Legality MovementO Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics (ETCO) and the National Forum Against Piracy and Illegality (FNCP), in partnership with Porto Alegre City Hall and National Mayors Front, launch on the day  on December 18, Monday, at 10 am, at the Porto Alegre City Hall, the Legality Movement.

During the event, unpublished data on smuggling in the city and the main actions of the Legality Movement, which aims to combat smuggling, counterfeiting and piracy effectively and forcefully, contributing to the development of society, the generation of jobs and income and the security of all Porto Alegre residents.

After the launching ceremony, two activities will take place: the inauguration of the contraband city exhibition na Pinacoteca Aldo Locatelli, a model made with seized products; and the destruction of products seized on Rua Uruguai, to be coordinated by Mayor Nelson Marchezan.

Launch of the Legality Movement

Order date: December 18, 2017 (Friday)

Open Hours: 10 hours

Location: Porto Alegre City Hall (Salão Nobre)

Address: Montevideo Square, 10 - Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre


A manifesto from 70 entities of the Movement in Defense of the Brazilian Legal Market will be delivered today to the Minister of Justice, José Eduardo Cardozo, with demands for combating smuggling and counterfeiting. The Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition leads the group, which complains about problems such as fragile security on the border with Paraguay.

One of the arguments, in the midst of the government's quest for an increase in tax revenues, is that greater rigor could increase the collection of IPI and import tax by R $ 3 billion per year.

Source: Monica Bergamo - Folha de São Paulo (07/10)