Nintendo announces that it will leave official sale of games in Brazil.

nintendoNintendo "is taking a step back in Brazil to rethink its business model" in the country. So says executive Bill van Zyll, Nintendo’s general manager for Latin America, in an interview with G1, about the end of the official sale of the company's products here. “We see it as a temporary thing. We are not giving up on Brazil, ”he says.

This Friday (9), Big N announced that the Wii U and 3DS consoles and games like “Super Smash Bros.”, “Mario Kart 8” and “The Legend of Zelda” will no longer be imported by Gaming do Brasil, responsible for Nintendo's official distribution in the country.

This means that the sale of the company's products in Brazil will continue only as long as there are items in the distributor's and retail stores' inventories. THE Nintendo attributes its decision to the high import rates.

Source: G1 (09/01)

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