It is impossible to control borders without technology, says Minister Etchegoyen

"It is impossible to control Brazilian borders without technology, which must also be done in partnership with neighboring countries, places of birth for most transnational crimes practiced within Brazil." The statements were made by the Chief Minister of the Institutional Security Office, Sergio Etchegoyen, during the seminar on Security and Development, promoted this Tuesday (20th) by Folha, sponsored by the ETCO Institute (Brazilian Institute of Ethical Competition), in the Center of Events and Conventions Brasil 21, in Brasília.

“It is absolutely impossible to control borders without technology. There is no chance that we will monitor such large areas, both land and sea, that have such intense traffic, in such remote regions, without technology ”, he said. According to the minister, work is being carried out to create an integrated system to monitor borders, in partnership with other countries.

Etchegoyen, in his speech, also spoke of the characteristics of cross-border and transnational crimes. “It is necessary to differentiate one from the other. Cross-border is a small crime, with a limited scope to its geographical area of ​​activity. The transnational corporation has structures on both sides of the border, it has national reach and even outside. And that is obviously the priority that has been established. ”

The minister also said that the different characteristics of the border are an obstacle, but that there are no discussions involving hatred and prejudice, as elsewhere in the world. “[Borders are] our wealth and our greatest challenge. There are 16.700 km of the most varied natures. At the same time, there are some competitive advantages. In no meter do we identify border tragedies that occur worldwide, with exclusion, hatred and prejudice. ”

Also according to the minister, transnational crimes are mostly born outside Brazil and, therefore, it is important to strengthen relations with neighboring countries. He said the government has been talking about the issue with all South American countries except Venezuela, because of the problems faced in the country of dictator Nicolás Maduro. “But the biggest sources of concern about transnational crimes are not there.

Source: Folha de São Paulo (20/03/2018)