Plenary rejects amendment that restricted the Union's power to collect taxes

The plenary of the Chamber of Deputies rejected, by 235 votes to 200, an amendment by Deputy Alex Canziani (PTB-PR) to Provisional Measure 685/15 that intended to prevent the Union from collecting federal taxes on amounts that companies achieved with ICMS tax waivers .

The amendment would be valid even if the incentive did not have the unanimous support of the National Council for Farm Policy (Confaz). Unilateral incentives without unanimous approval are being considered unconstitutional by the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

The deputies have already approved the bill for the conversion of the rapporteur, Senator Tasso Jereissati (PSDB-CE), to the matter, which allows the taxpayer to settle tax debts, due by June 30, 2015, with the Federal Revenue Service or the Attorney General's Office National Treasury (PGFN) if they are under administrative or judicial discussion.

To join the Tax Litigation Reduction Program (Prorelit), instituted by the measure, the taxpayer must pay part in cash and the other part can be deducted with credits generated by the use of tax losses and the negative calculation base of Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL).

At the moment, the PDT is in the spotlight, requesting the approval of the amendment of deputy Félix Mendonça Júnior (PDT-BA) to allow companies to deduct tax losses and other legal deductions up to 100% of the income tax calculation base and of the CSLL.


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