Clandestine drug factory discovered in Paraná


Source: 180 (Teresina - PI) - 23/05/2012

Counterfeit medications in Brazil are more common than you think and care should be taken when purchasing them.

International agencies estimate that up to 30% of the medicine sold in the country has problems. In the state of Paraná, known for having one of the most active health surveillance systems in the country, the civil police of that state discovered an illegal clandestine drug factory that operated in a farm on Estrada Bandeirante, in the rural area of ​​the city of Maringá.

There, three teenagers and a manager responsible for counterfeiting the products were apprehended. According to the police, the detainees forged 15 different types of medicines on the spot, which were sent to distributors in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina. In total, the gang produced approximately 1200 pots of medicine and moved more than R $ 100 per month in the scheme.

At the scene, investigators found thousands of plastic jars, labels, empty capsules, cardboard boxes and other materials used to pack and distribute the drugs. According to the police, the suspects used the same substance to fill capsules with different types of drugs.

We warn drug users to always demand the invoice for the drug purchased and, in case of suspicion, contact Anvisa at the address: SIA Section 5, Special Area 57, lot 200, Block D, 1st Subsoil. Brasília - DF, CEP: 71.205-050. Or if you prefer, by calling: (61) 3462-6792 / 5786/6840 or by fax: (61) 3462-5772.

In any establishment caught with irregular drugs, those responsible will answer for the crimes framed in Art. 273 of the Brazilian Penal Code and will be subject to imprisonment that varies from 10 to 15 years.