First arbitration chamber specialized in internet and technology issues launched


Brazil already has an independent Arbitration Chamber for resolving disputes and conflicts involving the Internet, Technology and E-commerce. Established since 2013, CIAMTEC - International Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation in Information Technology, E-commerce and Communication recently started its activities, acting as an Arbitration Court composed of specialists in Law and Law applicable to information technology, who can decide controversies and legal issues, as long as appointed by the parties, as provided by the Arbitration Law.

Among the subjects covered by CIAMTEC are from virtual money, fraud and electronic scams to unfair competition, bids in information technology and IT projects. In addition to the resolution of any disputes and problems that may possibly exist between the parties, the Chamber may also act in the mediation of conflicts, providing all parties with prompt service to their needs.

Responsible for arbitration in the state of Goiás and second secretary of CIAMTEC, Rafael Maciel highlights the benefits of the Arbitral Tribunal, when he says that “Arbitration is governed in Brazil by Law 9.307 / 1996, but few are aware of the benefits of the election of an arbitrator of a Chamber of Arbitration, and instead of using the common Judgment, such as economy, speed and flexibility, among many other advantages. The dispute is resolved quickly. When the issue involves technology, there is also the guarantee of having arbitrators with experience in the matter, avoiding legal insecurity and erroneous decisions ”. Maciel also states that the Chamber also has experts who support the arbitrators in the analysis of the cases presented.

Source: Gazeta do Povo