Electronic invoice: Taxes will conduct new training


Source: Radar64 (Eunápolis - BA) - 16/05/2012

Event will take place on May 29, starting at 8 am

In order to optimize the use of the Electronic Invoice and in response to the request of the Regional Council of Accountants, the Tax Department of the Municipal Government of Eunápolis will carry out on May 29, from 8 am, at the Hotel Oceania, new training of the Invoice and Electronic bookkeeping for city accountants and businessmen.

The course will be given free of charge by the team from the Tax Department and the company responsible for the implementation of the system in Eunápolis, GIS ONLINE, which will provide the necessary guidelines to train professionals in the area of ​​the necessary mechanisms on the use of the systematization that came into force in the first business day of 2012.

“The deadline for adapting accountants and businessmen was until April, when the use of electronic invoices became mandatory, however, some doubts arose in these five months of use and in order for them to be fully resolved, we will carry out new training and we hope to receive a large number of interested parties, ”said Marco Braga, director of the Tax Department.