New rule in e-commerce can guarantee R $ 40 million to SC


Source: Diário Catarinense (Florianópolis - SC) - 21/05/2012

Proposal for the redistribution of the tax among the states still needs to pass the approval of the Senate plenary

The changes that should occur in the sharing of ICMS for products purchased over the internet or sold on television programs may generate R $ 40 million for Santa Catarina starting next year. Today, the entire tax is on the State where the distribution centers of the selling companies are located, which are concentrated in the Southeast. The proposal is that, as of 2013, resources are divided.

The Secretary of Finance of Santa Catarina, Nelson Serpa, says that by the new rules 40% of the ICMS on internet purchases will stay with the State of the distribution center and 60% in the place where the product buyer lives.

He also recalls that the amount collected by Santa Catarina must increase over the years because internet commerce is growing consistently (see box). Since 2007, it has tripled in volume and closed last year at R $ 18,7 billion, according to data from the consultancy e-bit. And of the 8,5 million new online consumers conquered last year, 61% belonged to class C. The forecast remains positive and between January and December this year, R $ 23,4 billion in products should be sold in the country.

But before the Santa Catarina government can count on the money, the project must be approved in the Federal Senate. The political environment is quite favorable, informs the advisory of the Ministry of Institutional Relations. The SC finance secretary says the proposal passed the Constitution and Justice Commission and now there will be a public hearing this month at the Economic Affairs Commission. He will be present and says that the climate is good because most states will benefit. Today, distribution centers are concentrated in São Paulo and there is less presence in Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

Another very important ally is the federal government itself. Serpa recalls that, in the tax reform, the team from the Ministry of Finance argues that the ICMS should remain with the states where the buyers are located.

According to Serpa, the state is among the main markets for products sold over the internet in Brazil. The shopping list follows the national list and consists of computer products, appliances and health and beauty items. Another favorable factor is internet penetration in Santa Catarina. A study carried out by Fundação Getúlio Vargas and Fundação Telefônica, released last week, shows that 41,66% of the computers in the cities of Santa Catarina are connected. The national average is 33%. Florianópolis also stands out: it is the Capital with the greatest digital inclusion, 62,1%.