Sefaz reinforces inspection of NF-e users


Source: A Gazeta (Cuiabá - MT) - 22/05/2012

Mato Grosso's Finance Department (Sefaz-MT) will reinforce the inspection of taxpayers of the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Provision of Services (ICMS) users of the Electronic Invoice (NF-e) for the use of cutting-edge technology. This is the Business Intelligence System Based on Electronic Invoices (BI NF-e), which will allow the state tax authorities to integrate the information available in the agency's databases, cross-check the data and produce analytical reports.

“The tool will also allow data manipulation by the various analysis teams, in order to impact the autonomy, agility, productivity and profitability of the tax administration's work, which may result in an increase in the voluntary collection of ICMS”, notes the coordinator from Sefaz-MT's Business System Computerization Unit, Luciney Martins de Almeida Moreira.

The BI NF-e will enable Sefaz-MT to monitor the movement of companies, map economic data from the state's macro-regions, carry out a strategic analysis of ICMS collection, cross-check various data by segment or company, among other possibilities. In other words, it will make it possible for the State to make fiscal control of the purchase and sale of goods more efficient. Currently, 46.310 ICMS taxpayers are NF-e users, who account for approximately 63% of the tax collection in the State.