André Franco Montoro Filho spoke about the value of ethical behavior in the economy at a Secovi event


Source: ETCO, 15/04/2008

This Tuesday, 15/4, professor André Franco Montoro Filho, executive president of the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition (Etco), participated in an event promoted by the São Paulo Housing Union (Secovi), in which he gave a lecture on the importance of ethical behavior for the economy. Montoro Filho addressed the issue of competition in the various sectors of the formal economy and the harms caused by unfair competition.


Secovi's New Entrepreneurs


Date: 15/4/08, Tuesday
Hour: 12h to 14h
Location: Secovi - São Paulo Housing Union
Address: Rua Dr. Bacelar, 1043 - Vila Mariana - São Paulo, SP
Information and registration by phone (11) 5591-1226, by e-mail or on the website



12 h







Antônio Gonçalves

General coordinator of the event


John Crestana

President of Secovi-SP


Basil Jafet

Vice President of Development at Secovi-SP




Lecture - The Economic Value of Ethical Behavior


André Franco Montoro Filho

Executive President of the Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics (Etco)




Space for questions



14 h

Closing ceremony