Increases the team of notables


Source: ETCO, 29/08/2008

In order to further diversify and enrich the debate around competitive ethics in Brazilian society, ETCO has expanded the team of notables that make up its Advisory Board. On August 4, the new members of the Council took office. They are Pedro Parente, former chief minister of the Civil House; Celso Lafer, ex-foreign minister; Luiz Fernando Furlan, former Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade; professor Maria Tereza Sadek, senior researcher at the Institute of Economic and Social and Political Studies of São Paulo; and entrepreneur Roberto Faldini. The new members join Aristides Junqueira, Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, Everardo Maciel, Hamilton Dias de Souza and João Roberto Marinho.

“The main objective of expanding the collegiate is to provide a frank and productive dialogue on the paths of ETCO,” said ambassador Marcílio Marques Moreira, president of the ETCO Advisory Council. According to article 27 of the ETCO Statute, "it is incumbent upon the Advisory Board to advise the Board of Directors on matters that are required of it, notably in the definition of operating strategies and disclosure of social activities with the business community".
In general, the Council's action can be described as a set of initiatives aimed, on the one hand, at the definition of the programmatic and strategic guidelines that guide ETCO's activities and, on the other, based on the academic training and professional experience of its members. members, to collaboration with the Institute so that it can advance in its main mission, which is the promotion of competitive ethics for the improvement of the business environment in Brazil.

New ETCO Council

New Etco Council (from left): Luiz Fernando Furlan, Aristides Junqueira, Marcilio Marques Moreira, Hamilton Dias de Souza, João Roberto Marinho, Celso Lafer, Maria Tereza Sadek, Roberto Faldini, Everardo Maciel Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, and Pedro Parente