Cabral fires farm employees linked to the Fuel Mafia


Source: Sidney Rezende - RJ - 10/11/2009

Governor Sérgio Cabral published a decree on Tuesday, dismissing the ranchers Jorge Sebastião Monteiro, “C” finance officer, and Manoel Castilio Barreto Nunes, “B” finance technician, in view of their involvement in a large criminal organization. in the area of ​​fuel transportation.

The measure is the result of a disciplinary administrative proceeding, initiated due to a complaint made by the Federal Public Ministry to the 1st Federal Court of Campos dos Goytacazes, after an investigation by the Federal Police about a criminal organization that used public officials to commit various crimes.

Among the crimes investigated were tax evasion, money laundering, against the financial system, passive and active corruption. It was also investigated the exchange of information provided by employees assigned to the Inspection Post of Mato Verde on the days and times that the inspectors were absent from duty, as well as the release of fuel trucks, which generated fraud in the collection of ICMS .

The Internal Control Tax Inspectorate, an organ of the structure of the Finance Secretariat, investigated the facts and found the participation of employees who, initially, were preventively suspended for a period of 90 days, as a precautionary measure.

At the end of the disciplinary administrative process, the Board of Corregedoria, based on the confessions given to the police and on all evidence produced in the process, suggested the dismissal penalty, with the argument that the civil servants acted in the interest of harming the entire society of Rio de Janeiro and the state treasury, since their actions caused immeasurable damage to the collection of taxes.

After the Corregedoria decision, the records were sent to the Secretary of Finance, Joaquim Levy, so that he could decide on the vote of the Collegiate, which approved the decision before sending the recommendation to the governor.

* Information is from the State Government