Campaign against 'jeitinho' unites Globo and businessmen


Source: Meio & Mensagem, 03/06/2005

By Daniele do Nascimento Madureira

The campaign's name is “Ethical Values”, but it could also be called “Gerson's law syndrome”. In the series of five films produced by Central Globo de Comunicação (CGC), which premiered this Thursday, the 2nd, on a national network, five characters demonstrate the worst of the Brazilian way, when it is always wanted, and at any cost, to take advantage in all.

The films, directed by the filmmaker Domingos de Oliveira, were commissioned from CGC by the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition (Etco), chaired by Emerson Kapaz, with the aim of sensitizing public opinion about common situations involving tax evasion by individuals and legal entities, payment of bribes to inspectors, disregard of ordinary citizens with the policy and diversion of resources in the public sector. "No, it is not that type of Brazilian that I want for my country" is the signature of the campaign, which has the voice of actress Fernanda Torres.

“Our intention is to raise the population's indignation, so that everyone knows that they are co-responsible for the riots that happen in the country, thus trying to provoke a change of attitude”, says Kapaz, former federal deputy for the Popular Socialist Party (PPS) , which points out that Etco has no party ties. “It is a non-profit association, maintained by private companies”, he explains. When looking for Rede Globo to propose a social campaign that addressed the issue of ethics, Kapaz learned that Domingos de Oliveira was already interested in working with the subject. With the partnership, Globo paid for part of the production and opened space on its grid.

According to Kapaz, the institute owns the films and intends to broadcast them, later, also on other stations. "But right now we are going to take advantage of Globo's full potential for impact communication", says the president of Etco. Among the members of the institute's advisory board is João Roberto Marinho, vice president of Organizações Globo. The campaign must run intensively until the 17th. After that, it continues on the air, but with more sparse insertions.

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