Ceará warns of evasion of ICMS related to


Ceará Finance Secretariat, 16/12/2004

The Secretariat of Finance of Ceará this month sent an official letter to the State's points of sale alerting that the ICMS on the products of Cervejaria Schincariol distributed in the State "is not being paid". As the tax substitution institute provides, the industry has to collect the tax throughout the production chain. According to CATRI (Tax Administration Coordination), all Schincariol distributors in Ceará, associated with Fenadibe, are not in compliance with the current tax legislation (art. 431 paragraph 3 of Decree nº 24.569 of 31/07/1997). The letter alerts the State's points of sale that the purchasers of products from Schincariol's distributors (listed below) are subject to the ICMS charge.

Related Distributors:

Atlântica Distribuidores de Bebidas Ltd. (CGF 06.279034-0). Fortaleza (CE)

Distsol Distribidora de Bebidas Terra do Sol Ltda (CGF 06.297250-2). Fortaleza (CE)

Mega Max Distribuidora de Bebidas e Alimentos Ltda (CGF 06.992336-1). Sobral (CE)

Zivatile Distribuidora de Bebidas e Alimentos Ltda (06.693942-9). Itapipoca (CE)

Zivatile Distribuidora de Bebidas e Alimentos Ltda (CGF 06.674759-7). Iguatu (CE)

According to a study by Sindicerv (National Union of Beer Industries), tax evasion in the beer sector diverts about R $ 720 million from public coffers, equivalent to 15% of the entire collection.

CATRI's telephone number, for more information, is (85) 3263-1018.