Siege of piracy can avoid sanctions


Diario do Comércio, 31/03/2005

The crackdown on trade in pirated and smuggled products in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), on the border with Paraguay and Argentina, was cited yesterday by the business officer of the United States Embassy in Brasilia, Philipe Chicola, as one of the points that could prevent the US government trade sanctions against Brazil.

At the meeting with members of the Parliamentary Front to Combat Piracy and Tax Evasion, Chicola acknowledged that the actions demonstrate the country's effort. He said that they should have a favorable weight in the meeting that will discuss the sanctions, on Friday of next week, in Washington.

The Ministry of Justice's National Council to Combat Piracy has announced a package of measures that will repress, educate and try to prevent counterfeiting. (AE)