With less informality, Jaraguá grows


Source: Valor Econômico, 19/11/2007

In the 90s, the small city of Jaraguá, in the interior of Goiás, was stigmatized by the piracy of jeans. Gradually, a healthy combination of business organization, institutional support and the public sector is transforming the profile of this clothing pole. Informality is still high, but it is decreasing. Until September, formal employment in the city grew 10,14%, above the state average of 8,6%.

The transformation of the Jaraguá pole has an emphasis on design. The investment in own brands has intensified, giving impetus to the municipality's economy, where everything revolves around clothing. “Without the sector, there would be no bakeries, beauty salons, pharmacies or restaurants”, summarizes Gilmar Maurício da Silva, aide to the city hall.