Loterj CPI and fuel mafia


O Globo, 12/12/2004

Three politicians mentioned in the series of stories "Behind the Scenes", also recently got involved in two scandals: Loterj's CPI and the Fuel Mafia: Alexandre Calazans (without party), Domingos Brazão (PMDB) and André Luiz (PMDB). Calazans, who was chairman of Loterj's CPI, is being targeted for a breach of parliamentary decorum, which could result in the impeachment of his mandate because of a recorded dialogue between the parliamentarian and an adviser to gaming entrepreneur Carlos Augusto Ramos, Carlinhos Cachoeira, investigated by CPI. Calazans is also accused by a member of the fuel mafia of attempted extortion.

An Alerj commission also analyzes an alleged connection between Brazão and members of the fuel mafia. In July, Brazão appointed businessman Renan de Macedo Leite to his office, arrested by the Federal Police during the operation Poeira no Asfalto and appointed as one of the scheme's chiefs.


In Brasília, André Luiz is the target of a process in the Ethics Council. He is accused of trying to extort Carlinhos Cachoeira to remove the businessman's name from Loterj's final CPI report.