Mansion owner in Morumbi commanded counterfeiting of cigarettes and medicines


Source: Extra - RJ, 05/10/2007

SAO PAULO - The owner of a mansion in Morumbi was arrested in flagrante delicto accused of running a scheme of counterfeit medicines and cigarettes. Printing machines, cylinders with cigarette brand names, gold and laminated paper were found in a shed that, according to the police, produced counterfeit cigarette packages to perfection. The counterfeiters managed to copy the paper that is provided to tobacco companies by the Casa da Moeda. A job that requires technique and investment.

Four people were arrested in the act. One is a chemist who worked on the site. Another calls himself a sales consultant, but the police believe he is one of the partners in the scheme. It is he who lives in a mansion in Morumbi. The police searched the gang's office and ended up finding counterfeit medicine packages and a list of laboratory contacts. Now the names on the list will also be investigated.

According to the police, it took three months of investigation to reach the gang. Part of the operation was in the city of Piedade, in the Sorocaba region. At the site, machines were found to roll cigarettes and pack the packs. Counterfeit labels and 32 tons of smoke were also seized. The manager was arrested and the company closed on Thursday.

This Friday, the police arrived at a packaging company in Greater São Paulo. The next step will be to find the producers of the merchandise.

- Everything will be investigated and then the investigations will continue, because unfortunately the thing does not stop there - said the delegate Luiz Antonio Pinheiro.

The prisoners will be indicted for forgery and conspiracy. They can still answer for crime against health because of the packaging of medicines.