Adulteration Task Force


Source: ETCO Magazine, No. 7, Sept. 2007

ETCO Magazine - fuelsAdulteration of fuels, a problem that affects the
throughout the country, the days are numbered in São Paulo. Largest consumer of
fuels in the country, the capital of São Paulo has a task force, stimulated
by Mayor Gilberto Kassab (DEM), who has managed to threaten the performance of
fraudsters. “The mayor took the initiative to take the lead in this fight
with the perception that no single organ would solve the problem ”, says
Wellington Sandim, director of the National Union of Distribution Companies of
Fuels and Lubricants (Sindicom-SP). “I've been in this market for 40 years and
this is the first time that i see so much involvement and determination from different
bodies around the theme. ”

From north to south of Brazil, honest entrepreneurs face competition
of gas stations that sell adulterated gasoline - is mixed with solvents (the
which is prohibited), be added to anhydrous alcohol in an amount greater than
permitted by law (which is 24% to 26%). In these illegal establishments, the
mixture with alcohol reaches levels above 50% and, as a consequence, the
prices are well below the market average. What seems to be an advantage for the
consumer becomes a loss, as he pays for a low-cost product
quality and is helpless when mechanical problems appear.

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