Gaucho governor defends constitutional reform


Source: Now, 15/08/2005

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Germano Rigotto (PMDB), reiterated this Monday that the Congress elected next year has full powers to carry out constitutional reform, aiming at changing the structure of the national political system. According to Rigotto, this Congress would use 2007 to approve a series of reforms needed by the country.

"In 2007, we would have this Congress working to vote on political reform, taxation, a new federative pact and the conclusion of the pension reform," he said, stressing that, in this parliament, the Senate and the Chamber would work together.

Rigotto, however, was also sympathetic to the proposals that are moving towards the creation of an exclusive Constituent dedicated only to the realization of political reform. "What has to happen is a summons, either from congressmen, or from a group of people outside Congress, who have a responsibility to use 2007 to make reforms that have been waiting for so long," he argued, who participates in a seminar on tax evasion and tax burden, held by the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition (Etco), in São Paulo.

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul also stated that, at this moment, an impeachment process for President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is not desirable. “This is not the time to talk about impeachment. It doesn't help anything. You have to do a thorough investigation and punish those responsible, ”he said.